Company Standards

With Standing Room Only you will be treated fairly and with respect.

As a professional DJ, I will:

  • Personally DJ your party
  • Always conduct myself professionally
  • Always be honest with you and deliver what I promise
  • Be available to you to answer your questions and help you plan your event
  • Arrive at your event early
  • Dress appropriately
  • Give you a complete price up front with no hidden charges
  • Ensure that you and your guests feel welcome
  • Bring back-up equipment and have a back-up plan
  • Follow the plan of action that you set forth including playing your requests

While I am a single unit operator, I still feel that it is important that you know that I have company standards and take them seriously. I give this to you in an effort to achieve my ultimate goal,  having you feel comfortable so you can relax knowing that I will adhere to these standards.